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Leonardo da Vinci Community Rehabilitation in Neurology Training Programme

Partnership project entitled COMUNITY REHABILITATION IN NEUROLOGY - TRAINING PROGRAMME (project number 2008-1-PL1-LEO04-00814 1) was realised  between 01.08.2008 and 31.07.2010 due to support from European Union as a part of Leonardo da Vinci Life Long Learning Programme.



  1. EU Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland - coordinator and initiator of the project [link]
  2. Stichting Academie Instituut, Faculteit Gezondheidszorg, Hogeschool Utrecht, the Netherlands [link]
  3. International Centre for Neuro-Rehabilitation & Neuro-Psychiatry, United Kingdom [link] – represented by following community teams:
    • Community MS Team [link]
    • Regional Disability Team [link]
    • Northumberland Head Injuries Service [link]
  4. Community Head Injury Service Buckinghamshire Primary Care Trust, United Kingdom - associated partner. [link]
  5. Community Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team (CBIRT), Leeds, United Kingdom - associated partner (silent)  [link]



•          Develop Training Program in Community Based Rehabilitation for physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and other professionals working in neurological rehabilitation.
•          Build network of specialists and practitioners in Community Based Rehabilitation within Europe
•          Create awareness of importance of Community Based Rehabilitation


Stage 1: Knowledge gathering and partners visits.
The participants - rehabilitation professionals - from coordinator and partners shadowed staff of community rehabilitation settings in UK and in the Netherlands to learn the principles of best practice  of  communication among multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams, providing patient centred rehabilitation planning, encouraging service users involvement in the rehabilitation process, and getting the idea of efficient organization of  community rehabilitation setting including all demands concerning medical documentation, outcome measures, safety procedures, cooperation with local authorities, and social partners.

Stage 2: Workshop - the partners discussed and prepared the draft version of Training Programme

Stage 3: Focus Group Meetings, partners visits

Stage 4: Final Conference and dissemination of project results.
During the Conference which was open to the public (11.06.2010, Warsaw, Poland) Training Program was presented. The Conference gained support of many important institutions including Polish Ministry of Health and WHO Office in Poland and gained an accreditation from the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR).
The Project resulted in further cooperation between partners. The partners are going to run next common project together.



About the Authors

1. Community rehabilitation rationale and evidence – Anna Czernuszenko [download pdf]

2. Models of disability and neurorehabilitation - Neil Brownlee [download pdf]

3. Person centered approach in rehabilitation goal setting - Julia Johnson, Victoria MacDonald [download pdf]

4. Interdisciplinary working – Barbara Chandler [download pdf]

5. Educative programmes for patients and ceregivers – Julia Johnson [download pdf]

6. Northumberland Head Injuries Service: Combined Health and Social Care – Neil Brownlee [download pdf]

7. Occupational therapy in community rehabilitation– Bastienne de Regt [download pdf]

8. Example of good practice: Buckinghamshire Primary Care Trust, High Wycombe, Bucks, UK - Andy Tyerman [download pdf]

9. Introduction of Community Based Rehabilitation in the Dutch managed care.– Niels Groeneweg [download pdf]

10. Vocational rehabilitation – Andy Tyerman [download pdf]

11. Transition – Jillian Archer [download pdf]

12. Addressing families and caregivers needs – Marcin Leśniak [download pdf]

13. Disability issues in international legal acts - Anna Czernuszenko [download pdf]

14. Psychiatrist in community based neurological rehabilitation - Anna Bogucka-Bonikowska [download pdf]